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It’s Reality…Not TV

Is it just me? Am I the only one watching this stuff today and saying, “uh…is this the world we live in?” Never growing up in the 80’s could I have imagined the world we live in today. Technologies I only saw on the Jetsons cartoon makes my boys today seem like Elroy (just YouTube the Jetsons…or better yet just ask Siri, google).

Are most cartoonist or movie makers prophets cloaking themselves behind the camera? Or are they promoters and evangelists of things they desire to become realities to us all? Either way, they are either seeing, creating, or influencing the futures we are discovering. I mean, how many times can we be told about the future in movies or shows and still seem oblivious to what’s happening as these futures slowly become our realities.

Here me out…I’m not fatalistic in the sense that I think we don’t have the free will to be different. However, societies become what the majorities eventually accept as normal. A great example is America’s first ever African American President. America was able to select an African American president in part because the idea had already been normalized in the American psyche several years prior. Just go back and look at the number of movies and TV shows that began to have African American presidents years prior to President Obama being chosen as President. So subconsciously society was being predisposed to the radical idea of a back man in office.

After numerous movies and shows displaying a black man or woman in the power position of Commander and Chief, I knew it was only a matter of time before such an idea was no longer radical, but a reality. While I am appreciative of such an experience being normalized in our social consciousness and birthed into our social experience, I am equally unappreciative of many of the other ideas being placed into our psyche that are manifesting themselves into our present and future realities.

We are seeing a world numb to war, disease, “natural” disaster, sex trafficking, killing, hypocrisy, corruption, and the list goes on. We enjoy entertainment today that defame our highest leaders (often even killing them), that promote sex scandals, admire serial murderers, belittle women, and encourage foolishness and rebellion from our children.

We can only fight againts something we view as wrong for so long, until right and wrong is lost. It is then replaced with what’s normal. What I mean by normal is the fight between right and wrong. Eventually what was once seen as right and wrong becoming merely seen as two opinions or views of what is right. Eventually the things many have believed to be wrong for so long (regardless of your perspective on it), goes through an evolution of being wrong, not as wrong, kind of wrong, kind of common, common, kind of normal, normal, kind of accepted, accepted, kind of right, and then right.

You see normalcy is the result of a combination of intensity and repetition over time. Something that was once viewed as wrong has to become normal before it can become viewed as right. The biggest way this happens today is through the things we repeated take into our human experience for music, to video games, and definitely through movies and TV shows.

The things our parents and grandparents once knew as right are not the norms of our day. In fact it’s quite fascinating how much of a shift has taken place in what’s accepted today then 15, 30, or 50yrs ago. Now don’t get me wrong; there were indeed some evils in the world during that time that needed to change. However, unlike then…today we publicize, retweet, and recreate TV shows from our evils.

So what’s the big problem?

What am I even saying?

What I’m saying is this…today TV shows, news media, and movies are no longer alternatives our conveyors of our realities; they are the creators of our realities. If they are not giving a platform to the evils of our world today, they are sowing the seeds of the evils of our world tomorrow.

The truth known by many powerful people is the scientific reality that our brains and hearts do not have a differentiating mechanism to distinguish between something we see is on TV or if it’s happening right in front of us in real life. This is why food, cars, video games, and just about any commercial for that matter, that’s geared toward men have half naked women or sexually suggestive women in them. They want you to get an emotional connection to their product. So when you are hungry, ready to buy a car, or deciding what TV show or movie you are going to watch you will more than likely be inclined to choose those in which you have developed and unconscious emotional connection with. You don’t have to believe me; do your own research. This is why sex sales, because people are emotionally drawn to sex.

This is also how we are becoming

Thus because we’ve seen such horror, scandals, dehumanization of others, and the romanticism of sexually explicit experiences placed before our eyes in such intense and creative ways, we are birthing such things into our realities and into the realities of our children.

However, because we are told it’s only entertainment we become desensitized to the realities we see around us that mirror our video games, movies, and music. In other words, we are becoming a world of intense feelings and radical thoughts, of which we are ignorant of their origins and thus do nothing about their emergence into our world.

I’m not even sure if I understand what I just described.

The point I’m trying to make is this…reality today is TV and TV today is reality. If this is true, should we be concerned to the point of taking action? Or should we just keep calm, carry on, and continue to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show?

As with our numerous channels, packages, and show times….

….the choice is yours.