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Out with the New & In with the Old!

As we wind down 2013 I’m left thinking about how excited we often are as a society to push the restart button entering into the new year. We know how the conversation goes this time of year….”so any new year’s resolutions this year?” Many of us make resolutions as a way to motivate us to make some positive changes in our lives. Some, however, make resolutions so they don’t have to waste precious hours of their lives explaining to people why they didn’t make any!

Whatever your reasoning, I would like to propose that we stop living the smartphone lifestyle by seeking a new you every year (or every 6 months for that matter). Here’s why:

1. Was the old you really that bad that you need and upgrade? Or is it just trendy to want a repackaged self that you’ve now spent time, money, and resources on only to throw away in about 12months.

2. Will the new you be that much different than the old you that it’s worth so much time, resources, and effort? Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the iPhone 5 gen, optimal, tech, cyber, hero, alpha a.k.a the iGOTCHA5 (times) look strangely like the first iphone?  My point is to ask is it worth it to have someone tell you that the old you is outdated while selling you the same you over and over gain?

3. If we start over every year, then where is the progress and growth in our lives? It’s as if we are living our 50 First Dates every time the ball drops to turn the calendar year. (This is not an endorsement of the movie by the way)

So I propose that we go out with the new and in with the old! After all, life is not a Samsung Galaxy Note 3(which I have and is awesome)…we can’t always be in search of the next best thing. How about we keep who we are and do the best we can to make ourselves just a little bit better one day at a time.

This is Tommy Speaking…

Happy New Year and Old You!

What The World Needs Now…

So I’m finally writing my 1st blog and yes it is on Christmas! My 10yr old came in this morning while I was writing this trying to beat the crowd to the Christmas tree to open his gifts before the rest of the crew got up!

Ok so I have waited a while to actually write something here simply because I often spend so much time in deep thought that I never get around to blogging about anything. I am often more interested in thinking about the next issue, idea, question, or life conundrum, than I am in taking the time to actually do or write something about them.

My wife has learned the cruel art of living with a thinker. She has mastered how to determine if the next new thought I bring to her is worthwhile or just my brain doing its daily exercise. What’s her secret? Three simple words that serve as kryptonite to any super thinker…write. it. down. Who wants to waste precious time writing stuff down? That time could be used thinking and processing and coming up with aha after aha moments of discovery! So this means that if these thoughts were important enough to me that I will take the time (valuable thinking time) and actually write them down. However, as crazy as this may sound, and how unproductive I may seem to you right now; the world actually needs more thinkers (like myself). Let me explain…

I read a lot; everything from news, books, blogs, articles, tweets, fb posts, you name it, my eyes are on it. With  coming across so much information, I have come to the conclusion that many today DO before we think…or we simply don’t think about what we’re doing (or saying, writing, etc.) I can quickly surmise if someone is doing or saying things from mere emotion or if their actions display the much needed combination of both feeling AND thinking.

I am convinced that the world is becoming dumber. The sad thing is we don’t know it or we dont care. I mean think about it, we are obsessed with finding ways to create things that allow us to think less and less! Our country was founded not only by great leaders, but great leaders who were great thinkers (who wrote stuff down more than I do). We need more thinkers in the world to help with the things we do, say, build, pass, support, protest, etc…to be sound and of benefit to the world. Just some unfinished thoughts I had that I thought I should write down…

hopefully my thoughts and posts only get better from here…for your sake!

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Some Relationships Just Shouldn’t Be Revisited


Dear Sneakers,

When I left you for barefoot running three years ago, I swore I would never return. Last Monday was a perfect example of how well I keep my ultimatums (or don’t). You know as well as I do that you and I have always had a tentative relationship. I have never appreciated how much you cost, and then you insist on being replaced too soon. Considering the climate I lived in for so long, I also didn’t appreciate how much you made my feet sweat. You were so much more attractive and well-received than my current running shoes, but that wasn’t enough for me to keep running with you. I’ve kept you around for when I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity or do other things which might ruin my valuable shoes. (I’m sorry. I know that’s selfish.)

I tried you out again because I’ve recently learned that pants…

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