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Dealing with a Few Spiritual Elephants in the Living Room

Tommy Speaks Faith

As believers, we can keep putting our head in the sand hoping the sobering issues of this world will mysteriously disappear.

We can keep focusing on building our own kingdoms saying we are doing “kingdom work”.

We can keep “agreeing to disagree” about biblical truths or call them many “expressions of faith”.

We can keep turning a blind eye to the “bad fruit” in the lives our so many “spiritual leaders” and fellow “believers”.

We can keep on because we have the power to choose, but the TRUTH of the matter is this…

Such things never have nor ever will come from the SPIRIT of God.

God is doing something in this season. He is awakening the hearts of men and women who desire to see him clearly and to proclaim his glory. He is revealing to many that being in a church is not the same as being in…

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The Black “Gospel” Music Industry Has Flatlined [James Fortune, Domestic Violence]

A Must Read! This applies not only to the music industry, but to every area of influential work.

Exit Churchianity


I love listening to worship music. . . . . music that exalts God, proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ, and ministers to my soul.

But one thing that I have noticed is that over the years, as I learn more about the Lord and grow spiritually, I have become more and more selective when it comes to the worship music that I listen to.

Songs that I use to like, I no longer listen to because as I grew in God’s word and gained discernment, I eventually realized that the lyrics weren’t sound.

In some cases, the lyrics were man-centered and self-centered rather than Christ-centered, even though Jesus’ name and terms from the Bible were sprinkled throughout the lyrics. It made me wonder, who is really being worshiped here? The creature or the Creator?

Of course, there are some Christian music artists who seem sincere and have remained…

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Leadership and Conflict: Deal With It Now or Pay For It Later

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No one likes conflict (no one normal, at least). The feeling your body gets when it knows you have to address the awkward situations, the humongous elephant in the living room, or the long dreaded “talk.”

Dealing with conflict can sap the energy out of you, increase your stress, decrease your performance and your productivity.

In some cases, experiencing conflict can make you feel down right ill.

Labels and Leadership

It’s funny how some people are labeled or referred to as conflict – when in reality no one (in their right mind) would say they are conflict chasers. So now that I’ve merely reinforced what you already knew about conflict (that it stinks); why in the world am I writing about the importance of dealing with it?

My answer is simple; dealing with conflict is a mandatory part of leadership.

The Danger of Not Dealing with Conflict

Conflict can be…

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On Leadership and the Political Season: How All Leaders Can Discern Deceit and Restore Truth

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Political Lies

Having a competitive spirit is usually a positive attribute in our culture. Whether in work, life, or play, we’re hard-wired to face competition with power, tenacity, and the goal of winning.

It’s the American way. And for many, winning has become the supreme, all-important goal!

On Leadership and Lies

As we approach mid-term elections in the United States in the height of this season’s political frenzy, many candidates and their parties are desperate to win at all costs, with millions of dollars spent to influence voters. For example, spending for TV ads in several state governors races this year are in the range of $15-30 million dollars.

Beyond the vast resources being spent though, the greater concern is the blatant deceit that has become a tolerated part of election season; if you consistently vilify and defame your opponent and play dirty politics, you have a good chance of winning regardless…

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How to Lead Stupid People

You can’t.

Dr. Tommy Shavers

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Stupid People

“How to Lead Stupid People” as an article title… Offensive, right? Who would think that the people that work with them are stupid?

Well read these statements:

“I was just promoted into management and am shocked at how stupid my employees can be. I give them directions and then they do 18 things I didn’t want. I’m getting really frustrated and curt with them. How do I make sure they do tasks the way I want them done?” – Actual question sent in by recently promoted manager (Source)

“My organization has tripled the number of employees I supervise, and I’m exhausted with how many stupid mistakes they make. I make every effort to train them, and yet they still manage to misunderstand nearly everything I say. How can I make the job to clear to them and not waste so much time with their mistakes?” – Yes, another real…

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A Recipe For Failure: Focusing On Success

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Great Recipe

When cooking food, a little too much or too little of an ingredient can ruin a dish. So if you are cooking from a great recipe, it is vital to focus on every aspect of building that recipe in a way that will yield success.

Great meals don’t come from great recipes; they come from great execution of a great recipe.

Great Recipes Do Not Equal Great Results

At first, I couldn’t understand how someone could have a great recipe for a great meal but still not be able to produce a great meal. With that reasoning, everyone should be master chefs (and we know that’s not the case). I have come to realize in my ignorance and oversimplification of cooking that the problem lies not so much in the recipe as it does in the placement of focus.

Let me explain, great chefs have great focus and an…

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Discovering and Developing Great Leaders: An Art or a Science?

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Art vs. Science

Evaluating leadership is not an exact science. In fact, some would say leadership is more of an art than a science. In art (and trust me when I say I’m no art expert…) beauty and masterful works are often in the eye of the beholder.

This implies that there are so many variables when it comes to defining art as great art.

Science however, aims to eliminate the variables in an effort to bring concrete realities to a subjective world.

Collision of Art and Science

A major leadership challenge today to discovering or developing leaders is the collision of art and science.

So what defines a great leader? How about a not so great leader?

We convey the art (subjective) aspect of leadership when we express our views of what a great leader or not so great leader looks like to us. However in the “real world” we…

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