Dr. Tommy Shavers

Bio: Dr. Tommy Shavers is the lead consultant and partner for Atlas Group Advisors which focuses on consulting, behavior management and life coaching for high profile individuals and organizations. He is also president of Tommy Speak LLC. and Unus Solutions Inc. Tommy is a published author as well as a contributing author to Linked2Leadership, one of the nation’s top leadership blogs. He has earned a BA in Organizational Communication, MA in Interpersonal Communication, MA in Biblical Studies, and a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. His area of expertise in leadership is the study of status and power’s influence on the behavior high profile individuals. Tommy is also the creator of the Power Tolerance Theory; a theory that states that there are levels of social status and power people can handle before it begins to influence their behavior and performance. Tommy is a former college professor having taught courses in communication, marketing, retail management, and public speaking. He is a USA Track & Field Level 1 Certified Coach, a previous member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and a member Delta Mu Delta National Business Honor Society. Tommy has a passion for leadership and personal development and loves to see people sustain personal integrity in their lives while pursuing their goals.

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