How Some Music (and other stuff) Continues to Destroy our Young Lives

While riding with my high school track team to our conference track championships, I was hit with a dose of reality I hadn’t been exposed to in a while; music on the public air ways. The songs I heard on the radio during the drive over to the stadium are a very clear example of how we are destroying the minds (and futures) of our young people today. I should know…it did the same thing to me when I was young. Strip polls, make that money, sex, your body, don’t care if you doing it somewhere else as long as you bring it home to me shawty…this is some of the stuff I made out, considering many words were bleeped out, and many other words I think I blocked out (to prevent visual imagery).  I now sound like the elders of my day who I just wrote off as being old and out of touch.
However, I now know though, through research, study, and experience; what the entertainment and consumer industry has known for years.

They know that youth can’t think for themselves.

They know that the brain doesn’t fully develop its rationale thinking capacity until early to mid 20’s.

They know that youth are predominantly lead by the emotional and impulsive parts of their brains.

They know that this is the best time to get them hooked on their stuff; when they are young and don’t know any better. 

They know they need to package it in a way that’s cool and trendy and makes them feel more than it makes them think.

They know that if one does it, most will do it as well.

They know that the brain does not differentiate between songs, movies, tv, books, video etc…and real life. That it is all real life to the brain.

They also know that parents are too busy to notice, too tired to care, and therefore too preoccupied do anything about it.

They know that the earlier they can expose youth to their agenda, the more likely they will be loyal customers for life.

They know they will buy their music, attend their shows, wear their clothes, sing their songs, play their games, read their books, watch their movies.

They know if they can capture the heart now while their young; the brain won’t stand a chance when their older.

They really know that if they can get us hooked to it when we are young, we will justify it’s value when we are older; thus passing it on to our children, or allowing our children to do it because we did it. Thus completing the cycle.

What they don’t know is that I know, and many others are beginning to know and are committed to finding away to break this cycle.

I am convinced that many music artist, actors, writers, singers, and rappers today (and days past) are paid mental and emotional assassins. They get paid to kill our youth (and us) mentally and emotionally, while making us feel good and having us bounce to it. They get paid to have us feeling the need to be sexually active as early as possible to express our love and real commitment to our man or our girl as early as middle schooler (and even earlier). Middle schoolers! Did you catch that…just let that sink in for a second…

Kids who can’t commit to taking a shower or cleaning their room or doing their homework are committing to sexual relationship because they love their boy friend or girl friend (or at least that’s what the songs and shows are telling them it is…love). They are selling us into societal slavery and bondage for a quick buck and short lived status.

So to all the rappers, singers, musicians, writers, producers, etc… who are “expressing themselves” by putting out music, movies, books, and TV shows about money, sex, -hores, poles, guns, clothes, strip clubs, fame, killing, –tches, smoking, and the like…thank you for your contributions to our broken and fallen society (not really…insert sarcasm here).

A coach, a minister, a teacher, a father, a dad, a son, and a concerned citizen

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