Dealing with a Few Spiritual Elephants in the Living Room

Tommy Speaks Faith

As believers, we can keep putting our head in the sand hoping the sobering issues of this world will mysteriously disappear.

We can keep focusing on building our own kingdoms saying we are doing “kingdom work”.

We can keep “agreeing to disagree” about biblical truths or call them many “expressions of faith”.

We can keep turning a blind eye to the “bad fruit” in the lives our so many “spiritual leaders” and fellow “believers”.

We can keep on because we have the power to choose, but the TRUTH of the matter is this…

Such things never have nor ever will come from the SPIRIT of God.

God is doing something in this season. He is awakening the hearts of men and women who desire to see him clearly and to proclaim his glory. He is revealing to many that being in a church is not the same as being in…

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