On Leadership, CEO’s and Practicing What You Preach

Great read and reminder of the power exemplary leadership.

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Unloading Boxes

We all know managers and executives should notask their people to do anything that they would not be willing to do themselves.

But how often is this mantra actually followed?

While we don’t always know the answer to this question, it is always inspiring to hear stories starring leaders who exemplify the leadership commandment to practice what they preach.  Today, I share just such a story about my uncle, Hyrum W. Smith.

A Legendary Leader

Hyrum W. Smith is the co-founder of FranklinCovey Company, and an originator of the Franklin Day Planner.  At age 40, Smith took a huge risk – including securing a loan against the mortgage of his home – to start his company with a few colleagues back in 1983.

Within a few short years, the Franklin Institute had become very successful, eventually evolving into FranklinQuest, which went public on the…

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