Some Relationships Just Shouldn’t Be Revisited


Dear Sneakers,

When I left you for barefoot running three years ago, I swore I would never return. Last Monday was a perfect example of how well I keep my ultimatums (or don’t). You know as well as I do that you and I have always had a tentative relationship. I have never appreciated how much you cost, and then you insist on being replaced too soon. Considering the climate I lived in for so long, I also didn’t appreciate how much you made my feet sweat. You were so much more attractive and well-received than my current running shoes, but that wasn’t enough for me to keep running with you. I’ve kept you around for when I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity or do other things which might ruin my valuable shoes. (I’m sorry. I know that’s selfish.)

I tried you out again because I’ve recently learned that pants…

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